Mechthildian Approaches 
to Afrikanistik – Advances in Language Based Research on Africa

ISBN 978-3-89645-226-9

Mechthildian Approaches to Afrikanistik – Advances in Language Based Research on Africa

Festschrift für Mechthild Reh

Edited by: Raija Kramer, Roland Kießling. With an introduction by: Raija Kramer, Roland Kießling. With contributions by: Torben Andersen, Klaus Beyer, Ines Fiedler, Orin D. Gensler, Jeff Good, Tom Güldemann, Bernd Heine, Birgit Hellwig, Roland Kießling, Raija Kramer, Christa König, Karsten Legère, Jesse Lovegren, Gudrun Miehe, Alice Mitchell, Henning Schreiber, Gabriele Sommer, Yvonne Treis, Rainer Voßen.

394 pp.
1 colour map, 2 b/w maps, 4 colour charts, 1 comic, 1 graph, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, German
Format: 170 x 240 mm
810 g
€ 59.80
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Roland Kießling / Raija L. Kramer:
Warme weinführende Worte

Torben Andersen:
Clausal constituent order and cross-reference in Jumjum

Klaus Beyer:
Grammaticalization as it happens? A usage-based approach to morphosyntactic variation in Pana

Ines Fiedler:
The structuring of information in natural discourse in Ama (Nyimang)

Orin Gensler:
Against the “revisionist” view of Ethiosemitic prehistory – A methodological counter-critique

Jeff Good / Jesse Lovegren:
Remarks on the nasal classes in Mungbam and Naki

Tom Güldemann:
A shared pronominal canon in the eastern Macro-Sudan belt – Typological, areal and genealogical perspectives

Bernd Heine / Christa König / Karsten Legère:
A text study of discourse markers in Akie, a Southern Nilotic language of Tanzania

Birgit Hellwig:
The goe in Goemai – The development of modifiers in a Chadic language

Roland Kießling:
Experiencer encoding in Taa (Southern Khoisan)

Raija L. Kramer:
On locomotion, spatial orientation and lexical aspect – The functional diversity of deictic directional suffixes in Fali (“Adamawa”, North Cameroon)

Karsten Legère:
Empowering national languages – The Bantu language area

Gudrun Miehe:
Ventive, allative and deictic motion verbs in Cerma (Gur)

Alice Mitchell:
The pragmatics of a kinship term – The meaning and use of íiyá ‘mother’ in Datooga (Nilotic)

Henning Schreiber:
Contact induced variation and the collective self – Parallel interferences vs. transfers in communication

Gabriele Sommer:
Variation in Shiyeyi (Botswana/Namibia)

Yvonne Treis:
“They are only two, like the teats of a donkey” – Kambataa denumerals revisited

Holger Tröbs:
SEINS-Konstruktionen in afrikanischen Sprachen

Rainer Voßen:
On the reconstruction of Proto-LOTUKO obstruents


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