Instructions for Authors

In the following, we would like to give you preliminary suggestions for realising one or more publications with us:

1. Every book production has to be subsidised by the author of the manuscript or, in some cases, by the editor-in-chief of the respective book series. We can assist you in finding the most appropriate public or institutional sponsor for you and prepare the necessary calculations after the prescribed form.

2. Without having analysed the complete (or at least pre-final) copy of your manuscript, we are not able to offer you a calculation due to the continuous technical improvements in the sector of book production. In the past, the conditions have enhanced year after year regarding, for example, realising coloured book covers and coloured maps, photographs and charts inside of your book.

3. The amount of the necessary subsidy is influenced by the following individual factors:

3.1 the length and format of the manuscript. In our publishing house, there is no page limit, as usually imposed on scholarly texts. One natural limit may be the most reasonable extent which allows a favourable production and marketability of texts and illustrations, but regularly it is not necessary for you to shorten the text.

3.2 the number of author’s and editor’s copies you wish to receive and/or

3.3 the retail price of the future book.

4. The subsidy mediated by the author for publishing a book with us means a long-lasting investment: almost every dissertation and habilitation thesis produced by us are still available from stock, even after more than 30 years. The same holds true for collected papers as well as festschriften and obituaries, respectively.

5. Our study books are revised and reprinted on a regular basis without another subsidy from your side.

6. We make great and long-lasting, effective efforts to find the appropriate reviewers for your work: Our website offers an overview unique for the book market, containing a list of the usual small and large scholarly journals and online publications that published a qualified and balanced discussion of our book editions ( In addition, we facilitate the review of your book in the institutions suggested by you.

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