Bantu Languages

ISBN 978-3-89645-705-9

Bantu Languages

Analyses, Description and Theory

Edited by: Karsten Legère, Christina Thornell. With contributions by: Sonja E. Bosch, Laura J. Downing, Margaret Dunham, Bernd Heine, Bonnie Henson, Sû-tôôg-nooma Kukka Kabore, Ahmad Kipacha, Joseph Koni Muluwa, Nancy C. Kula, Constance Kutsch Lojenga, Stephen H. Levinsohn, Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso, Lutz Marten, Joyce T. Mathangwane, Nhlanlha N. Mathonsi, Al Mtenje, Kuniya Nasukawa, Malin Petzell, Odile Racine, Kristina Riedel, Josephat M. Rugemalira, Oliver Stegen, Anna Yu. Urmanchieva, Mark Van de Velde, Marianna Visser, Nobuko Yoneda. Series edited by: Bernd Heine, Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †.

Series: EALD East African Languages and Dialects Volume 20

14 pp. Roman, 347 pp.
3 maps, 1 colour figure, 4 colour diagrams, numerous graphs, tables and charts
Text language(s): English, French
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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This publication is a selected collection of peer-reviewed papers from the 2nd Inter­national Bantu Conference held at the University of Gothenburg /Sweden in October 2007. The conference was a well-attended meeting that assembled Bantu­ists and Bantu language experts from four continents. The volume focuses on a wide range of topics that are relevant in the field of Bantu linguistics covering many areas where Bantu languages are distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, predominantly Tanzania and the Eastern African region. From a topical perspective, all linguistic disciplines excluding socio-lin­guistics are paid attention to.


Sonja Bosch: Rule-based Morphological Analysis – Shared Challenges, Shared Solutions

Laura J. Downing: Prosodic Phrasing in Relative Clauses – A Comparative Look at Zulu, Chewa and Tumbuka

Bernd Heine / Margaret Dunham: Grammaticalization in Bantu Languages with Special Reference to Swahili

Bonnie Henson: Second Position Effects in Kol, a Bantu Language of Cameroon

Odile Racine-Issa / Sû-tôôg-nooma Kukka Kabore:  Intricate Relations in Standard Swahili – The Syntax of Three Argument Constructions

Ahmad Kipacha: The Quest for Mgao Coastal Swahili – Latest Findings

Joseph Koni Muluwa: La dénomination de plantes en mbuun, mpiin et nsong – Procédés de creation lexicale et principes sémantiques

Nancy C. Kula / Lutz Marten: Argument Structure and Agency in Bemba Passives

Constance Kutsch Lojenga: Vowel Shortening in the Noun Phrase in Malila

Stephen H. Levinsohn: Towards a Typology of Story Development Marking

Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso: Functions of Prosody in Spontaneous Speech in Bàsàa (Bantu A 43) – The Case of Melisms

Nhlanlha N. Mathonsi: A Headword Identification Problem of Nouns in Zulu Dictionaries

Joyce T. Mathangwane / Al Mtenje: Tone and Reduplication in Wandya and Subiya

Kuniya Nasukawa: Prosodic Affiliation of NC Sequences in Lungu (Cilungu)

Malin Petzell: Further Analysis of Negation in Kagulu

Kristina Riedel: Coordination and Subject/Object Marking in Sambaa

Josephat Rugemalira: The -ag- TAM Marker and the Boundary between Cliticization and Affixation in Bantu

Oliver Stegen: What Can Stylistic Comparison of Rangi Stories Tell us about Grammatical Description?

Christina Thornell: Morphology of Plant Names in the Mpiemo Language

Anna Yu. Urmanchieva: Grammaticalization of Narrative Patterns in Ngindo Verbal Morphology

Mark Van de Velde: The Syntax of Verb Complements and the Loss of the Applicative in Eton (A71)

Marianna Visser: Definiteness and Specificity in the Xhosa Determiner Phrase

Nobuko Yoneda: Topical Hierarchy and Grammatical Agreement in Matengo (N13)

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