Comparing African Spaces

ISBN 978-3-89645-013-5

Comparing African Spaces

Edited by: Sabine Neumann. With a preface by: Sabine Neumann. With contributions by: Norbert Cyffer, Andreas Dafinger, Till Förster, Peter Gottschligg, Doris Löhr, Sabine Neumann, Mechthild Reh, Anne Storch, Thomas Widlok, Edwin N. Wilmsen.

Series: FAB Frankfurt African Studies Bulletin Year 1999, Volume 11

165 pp.
11 graphs, 18 tables
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Sabine Neumann: Preface of the Editor

Felix Ameka: Spatial information packaging in Ewe and Likbe – A comparative perspective

Andreas Dafinger: Spatial order and social navigation

Peter Gottschligg: Senegal language deixis and its development in Fula dialects

Sabine Neumann / Anne Storch: Locative class related affixes in some Benue-Congo languages

Mechthild Reh: 'Body', 'Back', and 'belly' – Or: On the antonyms of 'inside' and their conceptual sources

Thomas Widlok: A place to rest and to talk – Spatial and linguistic shifts in northern Namibia


Doris Löhr: Traces of a lost gender distinction? A study of Malgwa (Central Chadic) zoonymes

Book Reviews · Compte-rendus de publications

Norbert Cyffer: A sketch of Kanuri (Doris Löhr)

Till Förster: Zerrissene Entfaltung. Alltag, Ritual und künstlerische Ausdrucksformen im Norden der Cote d'Ivoire (Antje Meißner)

Edwin Wilmsen: The Kalahari Ethnographies (1896–1898) of Siegfried Passarge (Sabine Neumann)

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