Comparing African Spaces

ISBN 978-3-89645-013-5

Comparing African Spaces

Edited by: Sabine Neumann. With a preface by: Sabine Neumann. With contributions by: Felix Ameka, Andreas Dafinger, Peter Gottschligg, Doris Löhr, Antje Meißner, Sabine Neumann, Mechthild Reh, Anne Storch, Thomas Widlok.

Series: FAB Frankfurt African Studies Bulletin Year 1999, Volume 11

165 pp.
11 graphs, 18 tables
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Sabine Neumann: Preface of the Editor

Felix Ameka: Spatial information packaging in Ewe and Likbe – A comparative perspective

Andreas Dafinger: Spatial order and social navigation

Peter Gottschligg: Senegal language deixis and its development in Fula dialects

Sabine Neumann / Anne Storch: Locative class related affixes in some Benue-Congo languages

Mechthild Reh: 'Body', 'Back', and 'belly' – Or: On the antonyms of 'inside' and their conceptual sources

Thomas Widlok: A place to rest and to talk – Spatial and linguistic shifts in northern Namibia


Doris Löhr: Traces of a lost gender distinction? A study of Malgwa (Central Chadic) zoonymes

Book Reviews · Compte-rendus de publications

Norbert Cyffer: A sketch of Kanuri (Doris Löhr)

Till Förster: Zerrissene Entfaltung. Alltag, Ritual und künstlerische Ausdrucksformen im Norden der Cote d'Ivoire (Antje Meißner)

Edwin Wilmsen: The Kalahari Ethnographies (1896–1898) of Siegfried Passarge (Sabine Neumann)

Under these links you will find publications by the contributors and further studies of deixis and of the conceptualization of space, nature, environment, (e)motion and health in African languages and cultures:

Accompanying material:


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