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Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso:
A Descriptive Grammar of Basaa (A.43)
A Bantu Language of Cameroon
Grammatical Analyses of African Languages Volume 63
4th quarter 2023
ISBN 978-3-89645-773-8

Michael Terhemen Angitso:
A Descriptive Study of the Tiv Nominal Morphology
A Tivoid Language of East-Nigeria
Grammatical Analyses of African Languages Volume 64
4th quarter 2023
ISBN 978-3-89645-774-5

Norbert Cyffer, Umara Bulakarima:
Reference Grammar of Kanuri (Nigeria)
Nilo-Saharan – Studies in Language and Context Volume 33
4th quarter 2023
ISBN 978-3-89645-670-0

Miriam Maria Weidl:
The Role of Wolof in Multilingual Conversations in the Casamance
Fluidity of linguistic repertoires
Language Contact in Africa Volume 7
4th quarter 2023
ISBN 978-3-89645-087-6

Harry Stroomer:
The Travels of Sindbad the Sailor – Text in Tashelhiyt Berber (South Morocco) with a Translation in English
Including a CD-ROM with the original Tashelhiyt Berber Text in Arabic Script
Berber Studies Volume 59
4th quarter 2023
ISBN 978-3-89645-959-6

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