The Mukogodo Maasai

The Mukogodo Maasai

The Mukogodo Maasai

The Mukogodo Maasai

ISBN 978-3-927620-86-5

The Mukogodo Maasai

An Ethnobotanical Survey

Author: Matthias Brenzinger, Bernd Heine, Ingo Heine †. Illustrated by: Carla Butz.

314 pp.
2 maps, 29 colour photos, 16 drawings
Text language(s): English
Format: 170 x 240 mm
780 g
€ 69.80

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The monograph is dedicated to plant taxonomy (phytonyms / plant taxonomies) and plant knowledge of the Mukogodo Maasai of northern Kenya. It contains detailed information on the linguistic form, the sociolinguistic setting, and the ethnobotanic characteristics of the plants distinguished by this group of Maa-speaking people. For each plant a description of its uses is provided. The uses concerned are in domains such as human consumption, medicine, livestock economy, material culture, religion, etc. Among the areas that are considered in more detail is apiculture. For the ancestors of the Mukogodo Maasai, bee-keeping constituted one of the most essential economic activities, and the monograph gives an account of the way in which the plant world is used to optimise the production of honey.

In addition to the plant nomenclature of the Mukogodo Maasai, there are also plant lists for other dialects of the Maa-speaking world, such as Chamus (Njemps) and Samburu. Selected plants are illustrated with 29 colour photos and 16 drawings.

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