Domains and Regions in Bantu Tense and Aspect

ISBN 978-3-89645-772-1

Domains and Regions in Bantu Tense and Aspect

Edited by: Robert Botne, Axel Fanego Palat. With an introduction by: Axel Fanego Palat. With contributions by: Rasmus Bernander, Robert Botne, Thera Marie Crane, Axel Fanego Palat, Nadine Grimm, Malin Petzell, Tim Roth. Series edited by: Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †, Bernd Heine.

Series: GA Grammatical Analyses of African Languages Volume 62

10 pp. Roman, 251 pp.
1 map, numerous diagrams, figures, tables and charts; appendix: The Domains and Regions Framework – An Overview; subject, language and person index
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Axel Fanego Palat: Introduction – Construing time and tense in a Domains and Regions framework

Robert Botne: Domains and Regions – Tense and the pluperfect(ive) in Kihehe, Bantu, and Beyond

Robert Botne: Manifest Status in Bantoid, Bantu, and Jukunoid Languages – Five Case Studies

Robert Botne / Malin Petzell / Nadine Grimm: Temporal Status vs. Timescape Status in Kami and Gyeli

Thera Marie Crane: Non-metrical Tense Distinctions in isiNdebele (South Africa)

Rasmus Bernander: Tense and Aspect in Manda – A Domains and Regions (DaR) Analysis

Tim Roth / Robert Botne: Discourse-Pragmatic Functions of Focus, Tense, and Aspect in Ishenyi Narratives

Glossary of terms

Appendix: The Domains and Regions Framework – An Overview

Index: Subjects, languages and names


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