The Complete Linguist

The Complete Linguist

The Complete Linguist

The Complete Linguist

ISBN 978-3-927620-84-1
Memorial Volume for Patrick John Dickens

The Complete Linguist

Papers in Memory of Patrick J. Dickens

Edited by: Anthony Traill †, Rainer Voßen, Megan Biesele. With contributions by: Richard Bailey, H. Russel Bernard, Megan Biesele, Mary C. Bill, Toni Borowsky, George Tucker Childs †, Wilfrid H.G. Haacke, Penn Handwerker, Melissa Heckler, Robert K. Herbert †, Tore Janson, J.S.M. Khumalo, J.A. Louw, George Ngong Mbeh, Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †, Sabine Neumann, Sigrid Schmidt, Mark Sebba, Gabriele Sommer, Susan M. Suzman, Anthony Traill †, Andrew Van der Spuy, Rainer Voßen, Thomas Widlok.

536 pp.
1 map, 2 b/w photos, numerous tables and diagrams, index
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
880 g
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Megan Biesele: Patrick John Dickens — 1953–1992


H. Russell Bernard / George Ngong Mbeh / W. Penn Handwerker: The Tone Problem

Megan Biesele: Patrick Dickens’s Ju/'hoan [Ju|'hoan] Linguistics Work – Educational and Political Implications

Melissa Heckler: The Whole Village Classroom – a Portrait of a Linguist and a People


Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig: The Architecture of Bantu Narratives – an Interdisciplinary Matter Analysis of a Dciriku Text

Sigrid Schmidt: Representatives of Evil in Khoisan Folktales


Richard Bailey: Issues in the Phonology and Orthography of Chopi (ciCopi S 61)

Toni Borowsky: Hausa Plurals and Optimality

G. Tucker Childs: Tone and Accent in Atlantic

Robert K. Herbert: Prenasalized Consonants and Dahl’s Law – Questions of Representation and Subclass

J.A. Louw: Xhosa Tone


J.S.M. Khumalo: CV Templates in Zulu Morphology – a Multilinear Approach

Andrew van der Spuy: Morphological Case-Marking in Zulu

Susan M. Suzman: The Discourse Origin of Agreement in Zulu


Wilfrid H.G. Haacke: Instances of Incorporation and Compounding in Khoekhoegowab (Nama/Damara)

Mark Sebba: Some Remarks on Ju/'hoan [Ju|'hoan] Serial Verbs

Thomas Widlok: The “Irrealis” at Work in Haikom [Hai||om]


Sabine Neumann: Static Spatial Relations in SheNgologa (SheKgalagadi)


Tore Janson: The Status, History and Future of Sekgalagadi

Gabriele Sommer / Rainer Vossen: Linguistic Variation in Siyeyi


Mary C. Bill: Berthoud’s Leçons de Sigwamba (1883) – the First Tsonga Grammar

Anthony Traill: Interpreting |Xam Phonology – the Need for Typological Cleansing

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The ‘Complete Linguist’, prepared in memoriam, contains papers by twenty-four linguists and philologists from within the field of D.J. [sic] Dickens’ interests. The Namibian environment has been enhanced through papers on oral tradition, syntax, sociolinguistics and phonology, examining local tone/click languages. [...]

The ‘Complete Linguist’, carefully edited, constitutes an impressive scientific monument in memoriam of Patrick J. Dickens. At the same time it points out the many fields of African philology towards which Patrick J. Dickens would have contributed, if he would be still among us.

Rajmund Ohly in Afrika und Übersee, 80/1997, 143f.

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