Engagement with Africa

ISBN 978-3-89645-768-4
Festschrift for Ngessimo M. Mutaka

Engagement with Africa

Linguistic Essays in Honor of Ngessimo M. Mutaka

Edited by: Pius W. Akumbu, Esther P. Chie. With a foreword by: Michel Kenmogne. With an introduction by: Pius W. Akumbu. With contributions by: Pius W. Akumbu, Melvice Asohsi, Lilian Lem Atanga, Esther P. Chie, Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Jeff Good, Guillaume Guitang, Hugues Carlos Gueche Fotso, Larry Hyman, Roland Kießling, Lydie Christelle Talla Makoudjou, Solange Mekamgoum, Philip Mutaka, Patrick Mve, Magdaline Bakume Nkongho, Edmond Ossoko, Ousmanou, Patricia Schneider-Zioga, Keith Snyder, Emmanuel Tabah, Florence A. E. Tabe, Kilian Tameh, James N. Tasah, Eunice Tita, Nelson C. Tschonghongei, Emmanuel Ngué Um. Series edited by: Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †, Bernd Heine.

Series: GA Grammatical Analyses of African Languages Volume 58

18 pp. Roman, 470 pp.
2 colour maps, 1 b/w map, 20 colour photos, 3 colour graphs, 2 b/w graphs, 3 colour tables, 4 colour spectrograms, 3 colour phrase structures, 1 colour language illustration, index
Text language(s): English
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Michel Kenmogne: Dedication

Pius W. Akumbu: Introduction

Part 1  Descriptive Linguistics

Pius W. Akumbu: Noun class 9/10 tone in Central Ring Grassfields Bantu – An overview

Diana Archangeli / Douglas Pulleyblank: What is length compensating for? A surface-based account of NC lengthening

Esther P. Chie: Evidence for the existence of a phonological and an intonational domain in Babanki

Hugues Carlos Gueche Fotso: Multiverb constructions and the homorganic nasal in Ndaʔndaʔ

Guillaume Guitang: Personal pronoun encliticization in Masa

Larry M. Hyman: Lusoga noun phrase tonology

Roland Kießling: Salient features of the noun class system of Kung in a Ring perspective

Patrick Mve / Nelson C. Tschonghongei / Pierpaolo Di Carlo / Jeff Good: Cultural distinctiveness and linguistic esoterogeny – The case of the Fang language of Lower Fungom, Cameroon

Magdaline Bakume Nkongho: The semantic system of Proto Nyang noun classes

Ousmanou: Sound symbolism in gender and number distinction in Masa

Patricia Schneider-Zioga: On the licensing of nominals in Kinande

Keith Snider: Long and short vowels in Chumburung – An instrumental comparison

Emmanuel Tabah: Motivating metrical feet in Bezen

Part 2  Applied and Socio-linguistics

Melvice Asohsi: Shifts in the ethno-linguistic construction of personal names in Bafut and inherent grammatical peculiarities

Lydie Christelle Talla Makoudjou / Solange Mekamgoum: Exploring linguistic landscape as a teaching approach to language awareness in Cameroon’s secondary schools

Edmond Ossoko: Animism in Mmaala proverbs and idioms

Florence A. E. Tabe: Traditional religion in Manyu – Some sociolinguistic issues and relevance

James N. Tasah: Language attrition and loss of indigenous knowledge – The case of some Form Three and Terminal students of GHS Domayo and GBHS Maroua

Eunice Tita: A sociolinguistic analysis of Bali Nyonga magic lexis

Part 3  Socialization

Emmanuel Ngué Um: Achieving sustainable language preservation through economic empower­ment in endangered language settings in West Africa

Kilian Tameh / Lilian Lem Atanga: Discourse analysis of HIV/AIDS drug adherence counselling sessions in the Bamenda Regional Hospital

Philip Mutaka: Conveying the AIDS prevention message – A supplement to Wish I had known

Curriculum Vitae of Ngessimo M. Mutaka


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