Proceedings of the 6th WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics, Cologne, 17-21 August 2009

ISBN 978-3-89645-199-6

Proceedings of the 6th WOCAL World Congress of African Linguistics, Cologne, 17-21 August 2009

Edited by: Matthias Brenzinger, Anne-Maria Fehn. With contributions by: Martial Embanga Aborobongui, Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Neville Alexander †, Adelino Amargira, Ogbonna Anyanwu, Rose-Juliet Anyanwu, Gratien G. Atindogbé, Samuel A. Atintono, Mimboabe Bakpa, Herman M. Batibo, Jean-Marc Beltzung, James G. Bennett, William Bennett, Wolfgang Berndt, Thomas Blecke, Olivier Bondéelle, Marie-Laure Bonson Kozi, Nadine Borchardt, Koen Bostoen, Matthias Brenzinger, Solomija Buk, G. Tucker Childs, Ibrahima A.H. Cissé, Alexander Cobbinah, Bruce Connell, Carole de Féral, Daniel Duke, Yamina El Kirat El Allame, Inoma Essien, Ines Fiedler, Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Maik Gibson, Richard Gravina, Christopher R. Green, Andrew Haruna, Beatrix von Heyking, Osamu Hieda, Andreas Joswig, Roland Kießling, Heidrun Kröger, Oliver Kröger, Nancy C. Kula, Christiane Lauschitzky, Seunghun J. Lee, Sam Lutalo-Kiingi, Friederike Lüpke, Lutz Marten, Marieke Martin, Rezenet Moges, Salikoko S. Mufwene, Abdel Rahim Hamid Mugaddam, Dame Ndao, Ozo-mekuri Ndimele, Ayu’nwi N. Neba, Lukas Neukom, Britta Neumann, Peter Nichols, Russell Norton, Ebitare Obikudo, Helma Pasch, Tristan Michael Purvis, Annie Rialland, James S. Roberts, Andrij Rovenchak, Adjaratou Oumar Sall, Coffi Sambiéni, Bonny Sands, Gertrud Schneider-Blum, Helga Schröder, Doreen Schröter, Gabriele Sommer, Margarida Maria Taddoni Petter, Mauro Tosco, Nathalie Vallée, Rebecca Voll, John R. Watters, Klaus Wedekind †, H. Ekkehard Wolff.

Series: World Congress of African Linguistics Volume 5

14 pp. Roman, 658 pp.
3 coloured maps, 3 b/w maps, 12 colour photos, 3 b/w photos, numerous tables, charts and figures
Text language(s): English, French
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Editors’ note

Matthias Brenzinger: WOCAL - World Congress of African Linguistics


Neville Alexander: African languages for Africa’s development

Gratien G. Atindogbé: The challenges of documentary linguistics in the field of “Afrikanistik”

Sam Lutalo-Kiingi: The importance of Deaf involvement in African Sign Language research

Margarida Maria Taddoni Petter: African languages in Latin America

James G. Bennett: Language and poverty in Africa – Do language policies help or hinder poverty reduction?

G. Tucker Childs: How to pretend you speak a dying language when you don’t really know how to speak it – Methodological worries in documenting dying languages

Zygmunt Frajzyngier: Coding relations between the verb and noun phrases in Afroasiatic – A sketch of typological explanations

Salikoko S. Mufwene: What Africa can contribute to understanding language vitality, endangerment, and loss

Abdel Rahim Hamid Mugaddam: Aspects of youth language in Khartoum

H. Ekkehard Wolff: Sociolinguistics in the African context: History – challenges – prospects


Rose-Juliet Anyanwu: On the strategic partnership of verbs – Serial verbs in Niger-Congo languages

Koen Bostoen / Bonny Sands: Clicks in south-western Bantu languages – Contact-induced vs. language internal lexical change

Alexander Cobbinah / Friederike Lüpke: Not cut to fit – zero coded passives in African languages

Bruce Connell / William Bennett / Inoma Essien / Ebitare Obikudo / Akin Akinlabi / Ozo-mekuri Ndimele: Defaka and Ịjọ – A reassessment of the Ijoid relationship

Oliver Kröger: Typology put to practical use – A participatory approach to initial grammar research

Russell Norton: Non-concatenative morphology in Dinka and Arabic – Augmentation and replacement

Helga Schröder: Incorporated subject pronouns in word order typology


Adelino Amargira: The function of tone in the Tennet language

Herman M. Batibo: Can tone shift be regarded as tone depression in Shisukuma?

Ibrahima A.H. Cissé / Nathalie Vallée: Fulfulde and Bambara syllables in typological and universal perspectives – Interactions between tautosyllabic segments and the effects of consonants

Daniel Duke / Marieke Martin: Introducing Kwasio pharyngealized vowels

Yamina El Kirat El Allame: A diachronic and comparative analysis of spirantization in Amazigh – The case of the Beni Iznassen variety

Martial Embanga Aborobongui / Annie Rialland / Jean-Marc Beltzung: Tones and intonation in Boundji Embósí (C25)

Richard Gravina: Vowels, consonants and prosody in two Central Chadic languages

Osamu Hieda: Consonantal system of Datooga (Bajuuta dialect)

Andreas Joswig: The vowels of Majang

Heidrun Kröger: Nasal assimilation in Mozambican Ngoni

Christiane Lauschitzky: Nasality in Bozo Jemaana

Seunghun J. Lee: The spreading, blocking, and optimization of H tones – Depressor consonants in Dagara

Coffi Sambiéni: Du statut phonologique du schwa en biali, langue gur orientale, Bénin

John R. Watters: Tone in western Ejagham (Etung) – Lexical tone on the “minimal” verb forms


Ogbonna Anyanwu: The Ibibio locative copular constructions

Samuel A. Atintono: The basic locative construction in Gurene

Wolfgang Berndt: A cognitive approach to the functions of the particle me in Joola-Banjal

Thomas Blecke: The grammar of action nominals in Tigemaxo (Bozo)

Olivier Bondéelle: Alternations of emotion verb-noun roots in Wolof – Analogy between verbs and nouns

Nadine Borchardt: Agreement in Ikaan compound numerals

Ines Fiedler: Predicate-centered focus in Gbe

Christopher R. Green: Paradigm uniformity in Luwanga derived nouns

Roland Kießling / Britta Neumann / Doreen Schröter: “What can I offer my child?” – How to impose on others in Isu (Grassfields Bantu)

Nancy C. Kula: Nominal compounding and associative phrases in Bemba

Lutz Marten: Agreement in locative phrases in Luganda

Dame Ndao: Dérivation and réduplication en pepel

Ayu’nwi N. Neba: The realization of tense/aspect tones in Bafut

Lukas Neukom: The suffix -ɗo in Kenga – Ventive and past, one or two functions?

Peter Nichols: Persistive and alterative – dual-time aspects in siSwati

Helma Pasch: From anaphoric pronoun to copula in Zande

Tristan Michael Purvis: Left Dislocation in Dagbani – A preliminary survey

Gertrud Schneider-Blum: Don’t waste words – perspectives on the Tima lexicon

Mauro Tosco: The grammar of space of Gawwada

Rebecca Voll: Tense variation in the tense system of Mundabli, Western Beboid (Bantoid, Cameroon)

Beatrix von Heyking: The functioning of personal pronouns in Belanda Boor


Carole de Féral: Urban practices and new identities – Pidgin and Francanglais in Cameroon

Maik Gibson: Language shift in Nairobi

Andrew Haruna: Language shift in Northern Nigeria – The precarious situation of the minority languages

Marie-Laure Bonson Kozi / Mimboabe Bakpa: Contribution à la situation sociolinguistique anufo-gangam

Adjaratou Oumar Sall: Documentation et revitalisation du bédik – Expériences de terrain et premiers resultats

Gabriele Sommer: The concept of style/register shifting in multilingual African contexts

Klaus Wedekind: Sociolinguistic developments affecting Beja dialects

Rezenet Moges: Dichotomy of the Deaf community in Eritrea

James Roberts: Goundo, a dying language of Chad

Solomija Buk / Andrij Rovenchak: Corpus of texts in indigenous African scripts

Accompanying material:


The volume has been edited and graphically designed in an exemplary fashion, like the other volumes with proceedings of the World Congresses of African Linguistics. It is worth recollecting that Rüdiger Köppe Verlag monopolised the editorial work of all the WOCAL congresses, with the exception of the Special 6th World Congress of African Linguistics in Sao Paulo (2008), which was dedicated to exploring the African Language connection in the Americas. The merit of Köppe’s editorial house for African linguistics is of highest rank as it carefully and painstakingly documents the most important events in this field of scientific research.

Stanislaw Pilaszewicz in Studies of the Department of African Languages and Cultures, 46/2012, 138-139

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