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Studia Africana

Papers in Honour of Sergio Baldi

Edited by: Gian Claudio Batic, Rudolf Leger. With a preface by: Rudolf Leger, Gian Claudio Batic.

Series: Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 46

4th quarter 2017
169 pp.
1 graph, 2 facsimile-illustrations, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, French
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Rudolf Leger & Gian Claudio Batic: 

List of publications by Sergio Baldi

Flavia Aiello & Maddalena Toscano: 
On some Swahili ICT terms

Gian Claudio Batic: 
Of direction, will, and intention – An analysis of Hausa nufa

Anna Belova: 
Lexique culturel en Afrique nord-orientale (termes de « l’or » et ses espèces)

Herrmann Jungraithmayr: 
Seven precious findings in Chadic after 60 years of research – Eine Blütenlese

Mariusz Kraśniewski: 
The revolution in Hausa music – Hip-hop: The Arewa chapter

Rudolf Leger: 
Superstitious beliefs among the Kupto

Aliyu Mu’azu: 
The interference of first language over second language – A case of some phonological process among Ebira speaking Hausa

Nina Pawlak: 
Measuring the content of happiness – Semantic notions coded in the Hausa word lafiya

Stanisław Piłaszewicz: 
The mission of Mahdi Musa – An analysis of a poem by Alhaji Umaru

Olga Stolbova: 
More links between Chadic, Cushitic and Omotic (animal names)

Henry Tourneux & Hadidja Konaï: 
Les formules d’ouverture et de clôture des contes peuls du Diamaré (Cameroun)

Rainer Vossen: 
Origin and development of bird names in Kxoe (Kalahari Khoe) – Some preliminary thoughts

Georg Ziegelmeyer: 
On the idiomaticity of Kanuri bu ‘eat’ and ya ‘drink’ – A case of calquing from Hausa?

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