Kanuri, Borno and Beyond

ISBN 978-3-89645-892-6
Festschrift for Norbert Cyffer

Kanuri, Borno and Beyond

Current Studies on the Lake Chad Region

Edited by: Doris Löhr, Eva Rothmaler, Georg Ziegelmeyer. With an introduction by: Doris Löhr, Eva Rothmaler, Georg Ziegelmeyer. With contributions by: Ari Awagana, Dmitry Bondarev, Umara Bulakarima, Muhammad Fannami, Graham Furniss, Ludwig Gerhardt, Philip J. Jaggar †, Angelika Jakobi, Doris Löhr, Eva Rothmaler, Russell G. Schuh †, Bosoma Sheriff, Abba Isa Tijani, H. Ekkehard Wolff, Georg Ziegelmeyer.

Series: TIAS Topics in Interdisciplinary African Studies Volume 22

8 pp. Roman, 208 pp.
1 colour photo, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, French
Format: 170 x 240 mm
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This volume is dedicated to Professor em. Norbert Cyffer (University of Vienna, Austria), who is an acknowledged doyen of Saharan, and especially Kanuri linguistics. It is widely recognised that over the last four decades Cyffer’s work contributed much to a deeper insight into the Kanuri language and the dynamics of linguistic change in the wider Lake Chad region. Throughout his professional career as a lecturer and professor of African Studies in Nigeria, Germany and Austria he concentrated on various aspects of the Kanuri language and society. His academic work was recognised not only by the scientific community outside, but also within Kanuri society. To honour Norbert Cyffer and his scholarly contributions the editors of the present volume – three of his former students from Mainz and Vienna – brought together a collection of eleven articles, addressing current topics of linguistics, literature and society in the wider Lake Chad area.


Doris Löhr / Eva Rothmaler / Georg Ziegelmeyer: Introduction

Ari Awagana: Racines lexicales sahariennes – Préludes à la vocabulaire de base

Dmitry Bondarev / Philip J. Jaggar / Doris Löhr / Abba Isa Tijani: Differential subject marking in Kanuri – Agentivity, pragmatics, and split-intransitive

Umara Bulakarima: Settlement in a Kanuri community – A case study of a Bulama Bulabe and Imam Bulabe

Graham Furniss: Analysing imagery – Comments from short-form verbal art in Hausa

Ludwig Gerhardt: Noun classes as victims of marriage rules or: What and what not may language contact be responsible for in language change?

Angelika Jakobi: Split-S in Beria

Eva Rothmaler: Can we speak of converbs in Kanuri?

Bosoma Sheriff / Muhammad Fannami: Tapping the untapped – A critical analysis of Kitabuwa Kanuribe 1-5

Russell G. Schuh: Grammatical influences of Kanuri on Chadic languages of Yobe State

H. Ekkehard Wolff: On the origin and status of nasal vowels in “Tubu”

Georg Ziegelmeyer: On argument focus in Kanuri

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