African Linguistics in the 21st Century

African Linguistics in the 21st Century

African Linguistics in the 21st Century

ISBN 978-3-89645-765-3
Festschrift for Paul Newman’s 80th Birthday

African Linguistics in the 21st Century

Essays in Honor of Paul Newman

Edited by: Samuel Gyasi Obeng, Christopher R. Green. With contributions by: Michael C. Dow, Francis O. Egbokhare, Christopher R. Green, Abbie E. Hantgan-Sonko, Philip J. Jaggar †, Samson Lotven, Roxana Ma Newman, Samuel Gyasi Obeng, Seth A. Ofori, Nina Pawlak, Kofi K. Saah, Ronald P. Schaefer, H. Ekkehard Wolff. Series edited by: Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †, Bernd Heine.

Series: GA Grammatical Analyses of African Languages Volume 55

155 pp.
4 colour photos, numerous tables and charts, index
Text language(s): English
Format: 180 x 240 mm
510 g
€ 69.80

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Samuel G. Obeng, Indiana University / Christopher R. Green, Syracuse University

Chapter 2: Vocalogenesis in (Central) Chadic languages
H. Ekkehard Wolff, Emeritus Professor, Leipzig University

Chapter 3: Nasality and the Gengbe syllable
Samson Lotven, Indiana University / Samuel G. Obeng, Indiana University

Chapter 4: A weight-based analysis of Jóola Eegimaa lenition
Abbie E. Hantgan-Sonko

Chapter 5: The morphophonology of nouns in Najamba (Dogon)
Christopher R. Green, Syracuse University / Michael C. Dow, Université de Montréal

Chapter 6: Semanticization of some phonological attributes in sound imitating words in Akan
Seth A. Ofori, University of Ghana

Chapter 7: Emai serial verb domains – Symmetrical and asymmetrical
Ronald P. Schaefer, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville / Francis O. Egbokhare, University of Ibadan

Chapter 8: The null 3rd person object pronoun and the syntax of Akan
Kofi K. Saah, University of Ghana

Chapter 9: 'To be' and 'not to be' in Hausa – The question of grammar and communication
Nina Pawlak, University of Warsaw

Chapter 10: Paul Newman – The man and the scholar
Roxana Ma Newman, Indiana University
Philip J. Jaggar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


Under these links you will find publications by the contributors, an earlier festschrift to the honour of Paul Newman and descriptions of further Atlantic, Chadic and Kwa languages and cultures:

„Chadic and Hausa Linguistics – Selected Papers of Paul Newman with Commentaries“ (see below).

The full review by Ahmadu Shehu can be found under PDF documents:

Accompanying material:



Overall, the book is extremely interesting in many ways, especially the natural data-based analysis and varied theoretical approaches applied by the authors. The scope of the book, in terms of languages and topics covered, the influence of scholars, juxtaposed to the celebrant’s life and career, is simply amazing. However, it would have been even greater if all four of the African language families were represented to celebrate Newman san [sic] frontier.

Ahmadu Shehu in Studies of the Department of African Languages and Cultures, 52/2018, 161-165

PDF documents:

PDFReview by Ahmadu Shehu in „Studies of the Department of African Languages and Cultures“ 52/2018, 161-165(≈ 3 MB)
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