Topics in Chadic Linguistics

ISBN 978-3-89645-520-8

Topics in Chadic Linguistics

Papers from the 1st Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, Leipzig, July 5-8, 2001

Edited by: H. Ekkehard Wolff. With contributions by: Ari Awagana, Roger M. Blench, Véronique de Colombel, Amedeo De Dominicis, Dymitr Ibriszimow, Muhammed M. Munkaila, Victor Porkhomovsky †, Henry Tourneux, H. Ekkehard Wolff. Series edited by: Dymitr Ibriszimow, Henry Tourneux, H. Ekkehard Wolff.

Series: CLT Chadic Linguistics · Linguistique Tchadique · Tschadistik Volume 1

8 pp. Roman, 159 pp.
1 map, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, French
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Ari Awagana: La pluralité verbale en buduma

Roger M. Blench: Why Reconstructing Comparative Ron is so Problematic

Véronique de Colombel: Grammaticalisation et ordre des unités dans dix langues du groupe tchadique-central

Amedeo De Dominicis: Tone or Pitch Accent in Masa?

Dymitr Ibriszimow / Victor Porkhomovsky: Towards a Typology of Kinship Terms and Systems in Afro-Asiatic (Hamito-Semitic)

Mohammed M. Munkaila: Morphological Causative and Indirect Object Interface in Hausa

Henry Tourneux: Le système consonantique des langues dites « kotoko »

H. Ekkehard Wolff: Predication Focus in Chadic Languages

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