HSA History, Cultural Traditions and Innovations in Southern Africa

HSA History, Cultural Traditions and Innovations in Southern Africa

Edited by: Michael Bollig, Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig †.

University of Cologne, Germany

The present series is the medium of publication and forum for the Collaborative Research Centre Arid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa (1995–2007), University of Cologne. This series is meant to fulfil a double task: On the one hand, it will document source materials on cultural and historical change in Southern Africa, and on the other hand it will provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of such sources. Other traditions will also be considered in this series: local traditions of material culture and arts, of ethnography and historiography.

The editors feel that there is an urgent need to publish oral accounts of these matters in order not only to record the history of precolonial processes and events but also to preserve the biographical remembrances of colonisation and oppression. The main goal is set upon publishing primary sources, i.e. oral traditions and documents written in local languages, official documents and hand-written testimonies so far hidden in private and public archives.

The series has been completed by volume 23.

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