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The National Official Language of the Central African Republic

Edited by: Helma Pasch. With a preface by: Bernd Heine. With contributions by: Marcel Diki-Kidiri, Jeannine Gerbault, Sylvie Grand’Eury, Valeri Khabirov, Michel Marie Koyt, Helma Pasch, William J. Samarin, Christina Thornell, James A. Walker.

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The Central African Republic belongs to those African nations which have given an autochthonous language the status of a second official language, next to one imported from Europe. The number of speakers of Sango as lingua franca is estimated to 5 Mill., the number of mother-tongue speakers to some hundred thousand people. The implementation of Sango meets, however, a series of problems, which are discussed in the present volume.


Bernd Heine: Foreword

Helma Pasch: Introduction

Michel Marie Koyt: La situation du Sango en République Centrafricaine

Marcel Diki-Kidiri: Developper le Sango en tant que langue officielle

Christina Thornell: Reflections on the 1984 Sango orthography decree

Sylvie Grand’Eury: Le Sango au service de l’animation des structures communautaires rurales et urbaines

Jeannine Gerbault: The development of Sango literacy in Central African Society

Helma Pasch: Status and role of Sango in the Central African Republic as contrasted to French

Valeri Khabirov: The verbal paradigm of Sango

William J. Samarin / James A. Walker: Verb-marking in Sango

Under these links you will find further descriptions of Sango and other languages and cultures of the Central African Republic, as well as paper collections whose contributions also feature African national and minority languages:

Accompanying material:


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