Afrikanische Sprachen im Fokus

ISBN 978-3-89645-196-5

Afrikanische Sprachen im Fokus

Linguistische Beiträge zum 19. Afrikanistentag, Mainz, 8.–10. April 2010

Edited by: Raija Kramer, Holger Tröbs, Raimund Kastenholz. With contributions by: Nadine Borchardt, Jade Comfort, Norbert Cyffer, Clarissa Eck, Frank Fessler, Marion Feuerstein-Tubach, Ines Fiedler, Angelika Jakobi, Raimund Kastenholz, Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer, Raija Kramer, Sabine Littig, Holger W. Markgraf, Kirill Prokhorov, Eva Rothmaler, Gertrud Schneider-Blum, Henning Schreiber, Heleen Smits, Gabriele Sommer, Holger Tröbs.

Series: Africanists’ Days [AfrikanistInnentage] Volume 9

301 pp.
1 colour map, 2 maps, numerous graphs, tables and charts
Text language(s): German, English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Following the tradition of past Afrikanistentage, this volume contains selected papers which are based on presentations held on the 19th Afrikanistentag. The conference took place parallel to and with contentual similarities to the Tagung der Vereinigung von Afrikanisten in Deutschland (VAD) on April 8–10, 2010 at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. This year, both conferences focusing particularly on Africa happened to coincide with the 50th anniversary of political independence of many African states, which caused extraordinary attention by media. In consequence, this anniversary was also under the explicit focus of the VAD conference.

Both congresses offered the opportunity to approach africanistic topics from highly diverging points of view and with different focuses, in this way gaining a broad insight into recent research projects. The vital discussion, the profitable exchange of ideas and the mutual insight into current scholarships from linguistics, literary studies and social sciences through selective collaboration showed that a fruitful interdisciplinary discourse is possible without marginalising the focal points and visibility of an autonomous Afrikanistentag.

The present volume contains contributions regarding current research projects in the discipline of African Studies, which means dealing with the various natures of African languages as well as with their historical, societal and cultural aspects. On the one hand descriptive-analytic surveys of individual languages like Ikaan (Borchardt), Pɛrɛ (Kastenholz), Kolbila (Littig), Mombo (Prokhorov), Tima (Schneider-Blum), Lumun (Smits) and Duun (Tröbs) are provided which are dedicated to synchronic phenomena on many different linguistic levels. On the other hand surveys are found which focus on typological-comparative and diachronic aspects, like in the papers regarding Uncunwee (Comfort & Jakobi), Kanuri (Cyffer), Gbe (Fiedler), Mande (Schreiber) and Bantu (Fessler & Sommer) as well as various Adamawa languages (Kleinewillinghöfer, Kramer, Markgraf). Sociolinguistic issues are dealt with in the contributions on dialogue-organisational mechanisms in Swahili (Eck) and on distribution and denomination of millet in the Western Lake Chad region (Rothmaler). A literary contribution addresses the analysis of paratexts in Kano Market Literature (Feuerstein).



Nadine Borchardt: A morphosyntactic categorization of Ikaan numerals

Jade Comfort / Angelika Jakobi: The verb ‘to give’ as a verbal extension in Uncunwee (Kordofan Nubian)

Norbert Cyffer: Konzepte von Richtung, Raum und Referenz – Prozesse der Grammatikalisierung im Kanuri

Clarissa Eck: „Sema Boss“ oder die Organisation von Arbeitsanweisungen in einem kenianischen Unternehmen

Frank Fessler / Gabriele Sommer: Zur Konzeptualisierung von Vergangenheit im Bantu – Areallinguistische Vergleiche im südlichen Afrika

Marion Feuerstein: Paratexte in der Kano Market Literature

Ines Fiedler: Attributive possession and the alienability split in Gbe

Raimund Kastenholz: Diachronic and synchronic aspects of a nominal suffix *-i in Pɛrɛ

Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer: Assoziative Konstruktionen im Vere-Gimme und Lɔŋto, Central Adamawa

Raija Kramer: Die Grammatikalisierung von Demonstrativa im Fali

Sabine Littig: Mein Herz ist rot und deine Augen auch – Über den Ausdruck von Emotion im Kolbila

Holger W. Markgraf: Von seriellen Verben und Auxiliaren – Die Grammatikalisierung von Bewegungsverben in Adamawa-Sprachen

Kirill Prokhorov: Tonal head-marking in the Mombo noun phrase

Eva Rothmaler: Was heißt hier Hirse? Vorkommen und Verwendung im westlichen Tschadseegebiet

Gertrud Schneider-Blum: Noun phrase – compound – noun: Some problems with compounds in Tima

Henning Schreiber: S-AUX-O-V-X in Manding and Mande

Heleen Smits: Lumun noun classes and number

Holger Tröbs: Eigenschaftsverben in einigen West-Mande-Sprachen (Duun, Manding, Yalunka)

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