Advances in Kanuri Scholarship

ISBN 978-3-89645-104-0

Advances in Kanuri Scholarship

Edited by: Norbert Cyffer, Thomas Geider †. With contributions by: Umara Bulakarima, Norbert Cyffer, Tijani El-Miskin, Thomas Geider †, Yaganami Karta, Doris Löhr, Eldridge Mohammadou †, Editha Platte †, Wilhelm Seidensticker †, Bosoma Sheriff, Raimund Vogels, Wakil A. Wasaram. Series edited by: Herrmann Jungraithmayr, Norbert Cyffer.

Series: WeStu Westafrikanische Studien Volume 17

10 pp. Roman, 353 pp.
6 maps, 1 drawing, 24 graphs and genealogical charts, numerous tables and overviews
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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The study of Kanuri language, history and culture can look back on a long research tradition. This book has evolved from intensive research on various aspects of studies related to Kanuri. It also reflects current topics on research on the Lake Chad area, especially Borno, in the field oft he humanities. The contributions of this volume by scholars working on these topics reflect the breadth of present-day Kanuri scholarship, even though only a small spectrum of themes could be dealt with here. The contributors are members of the universities of Maiduguri, Frankfurt, Mainz, Cologne, Vienna and the Sir Kashim Ibrahim College of Education, Maiduguri.


Wilhelm Seidensticker: “The Strangers, However, are Numerous” – Observations on the people of Borno in the 19th Century

Norbert Cyffer: A Survey of the Kanuri Language

Umara Bulakarima: Survey of Kanuri Dialects

Doris Löhr: Kanuri Orthographies from 1854 until Present

Bosoma Sheriff: Introduction to Kanuri Poetry

Tijani El-Miskin: Generic Classification and Performance Principles of Kanuri Oral Language

Thomas Geider: The Universe of Kanuri Oral Literature and Documentary Texts

Yaganami Karta: The Significance of Kime Jirea in Kanuri Oral Literature

Wakil Wasaram: The Tradition of Splitting the Twins among the Kanuri

Bosoma Sheriff: The Image of Self and Others among the Kanuri

Eldridge Mohammadou: Kanuri Imprint on Adamawa Fulbe and Fulfulde

Raimund Vogels: Kanuri Drum Ensembles – A Comparative Study of Mara, Ganga kura, Bala and Zowuzowu

Editha Platte: In memoriam Wilhelm Seidensticker


Following the links below you will find further descriptions of the Kanuri language culture, as well as a paper collection in memoriam of the co-editor Thomas Geider (* 25 April 1953, † 15 October 2010):

Accompanying material:



Voilà exactement le genre de livre dont on aimerait pouvoir disposer pour tous les groupes humains d'Afrique. On y trouve à la fois la langue, la poésie, la littérature orale, la musique, quelques données anthropologiques et historiques, et une excellente bibliographie.

Henry Tourneux in Méga-Tchad, 1998/1&2, 22-23

Endlich ein Buch zum gegenwärtigen Stand der Kanuri-Forschung. Die in dieser Sammlung vereinten 12 Artikel geben einen Überblick über die Themen, die bis jetzt zu den Kanuri bearbeitet wurden.

Eva Rothmaler in Afrika und Übersee, 82/1999, 127-129

The book belongs to the very successful endeavours aiming at the complex presentation of a single ethnic group in Black Africa.

Stanislaw Pilaszewicz in Hemispheres, 14/1999, 127-129

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