Tigre Studies in the 21st Century – Tigre-Studien im 21. Jahrhundert

Tigre Studies in the 21st Century – Tigre-Studien im 21. Jahrhundert

ISBN 978-3-89645-682-3
To the Honour of Enno Littmann

Tigre Studies in the 21st Century – Tigre-Studien im 21. Jahrhundert

Akten der III. Enno-Littmann-Konferenz, 1.-4. April 2009, Berlin, Teilband 2

Edited by: Rainer Voigt. With a preface by: Rainer Voigt. With contributions by: Maria Bulakh, Bogdan Burtea, Hatem Elliesie, Nicole Hirt, Mohammed-Ali Ibrahim, Saleh Mahmud Idris, Paolo Marrassini †, Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad, Stefan Sienell, Roswitha Stiegner, Tesfay Tewolde, Rainer Voigt, Andrzej Zaborski †. Series edited by: Rainer Voigt, Hatem Elliesie.

Series: SHA Studien zum Horn von Afrika Volume 2

12 pp. Roman, 243 pp.
With English abstracts. 1 facsimile reproduction, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English, German
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Vorwort des Herausgebers

Hatem Elliesie / Stefan Sienell / Roswitha Stiegner / Bogdan Burtea: Der Littmann-Nachlass im Archiv der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

Language and literature / Sprache und Literatur

Maria Bulakh: The prefix ʾat- in Tigre

Bogdan Burtea: Anmerkungen zur Palatalisierung im Tigre

Paolo Marrassini (†): Linguistic stratification in Tigre

Tesfay Tewolde: Relations between verb types and internal plurals in North Abyssinian Semitic

Rainer Voigt: The development of Tigre literature

Andrzej Zaborski (†): Notes on Tigre-Beja interference

Society, traditions and institutions / Gesellschaft, Tradition und Institutionen

Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad / Nicole Hirt: Conflict resolution and customary law in contemporary Eritrea – case studies of the Saho community

Hatem Elliesie: Social construct and system in Tigre tradition – a contribution to Eritrean customary law

Mohammed-Ali Ibrahim: Rabʿat – The Tigre traditional youth organization

Saleh Mahmud Idris: The Tigre and their traditional beliefs and superstitions – a socio-linguistic survey

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Review by Olga Kapeliuk in Aethiopica 19 (2016)

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The first volume of Akten der III. Enno-Littmann-Konferenz, 1.–4. April 2009, Berlin – Studies in Honour of Enno Littmann has been published as volume 4 of this series:

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The book is the outcome of the III International Enno Littmann Conference held in Berlin in April 2009. Of all the papers presented during this meeting the editor has chosen only papers devoted to the study of the language and culture of the Tigre people. The Tigre language ranks as the fifth most spoken in the Semitic family and its speakers amount for roughly 20% of the population of Eritrea. It therefore certainly deserves scholarly attention. The book is, to the best of my knowledge, only the second collection of essays devoted to Tigre studies (the first one being Lusini 2010). [...] Each article in the book is accompanied by a bibliography and in a very innovative decision also by a summary in Tigre as if to declare that the research on Tigre should be done also for and by the people themselves. Thanks to this approach, the book is not only a valuable scholarly contribution but also an important step in the construction of scientific terminology of the Tigre language.

Stanislaw Pilaszewicz in Studies of the Department of African Languages and Cultures, 50/2016, 161-165

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