Studia Chadica et Hamitosemitica

ISBN 978-3-927620-87-2
Festschrift for Herrmann Jungraithmayr’s 60th Birthday

Studia Chadica et Hamitosemitica

Akten des Internationalen Symposions zur Tschadsprachenforschung, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, 6.–8. Mai 1991

Edited by: Dymitr Ibriszimow, Rudolf Leger. In collaboration with: Gerald Schmitt. With contributions by: Al-Amin Abu-Manga, Abdulhamid Abubakar, Bello Al-Hassan, Sergio Baldi, Daniel Barreteau †, Václav Blažek, Emilio Bonvini, Conrad Max Benedict Brann †, Véronique de Colombel, Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Abubakar Garba, Alhaji Maina Gimba, Andrew Haruna, Philip J. Jaggar †, Mairo Kidda-Awak, Shuji Matsushita, Joseph A. McIntyre, Hans Günther Mukarovsky †, Muhammed M. Munkaila, Robert Nicolaï, Nina Pawlak, Stanislaw Piłaszewicz, Abba Rufa’i, Neil Skinner †, Olga Stolbova, Henry Tourneux, Rainer Voigt, Werner Vycichl †, Ibrahim Maina Waziri, H. Ekkehard Wolff, Ibrahim Yaro Yahaya, Jonas Yeboa-Dankwa, Alexander Zajcev, Andrei Zhukov †, Petr Zima †.

14 pp. Roman, 419 pp.
2 maps, 5 facsimile reproductions, numerous tables and overviews
Text language(s): English, French, German
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„Wakar ranar haihuwar Prof. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr“
composed by Bello Al-Hassan and rendered into English by Joseph A. McIntyre

Rainer VOIGT: Zur Geschichte und den Grundlagen der vergleichenden Hamitosemitistik

Alexander ZAJCEV / Andrei ZHUKOV: The data of Semito-Hamitic languages in W. Bleek’s “De nominum generibus ... (1851)”

Werner VYCICHL: Zur vergleichenden Morphologie hamitosemitischer Sprachen

Neil SKINNER: Evidence for earlier nominal suffixation in Afroasian

Václav BLAZEK: The microsystem of personal pronouns in Chadic, compared with Afroasiatic

Olga STOLBOVA: Lateral sybilants in Chadic (reconstruction) and their correspondences in Semitic and Egyptian

Hans MUKAROVSKY: Chadic, Mande and Nigritic

Petr ZIMA: The position of Chadic in the Sahara-Sahel language area

Robert NICOLAÏ: Songhay et chamito-sémitique – recherches sur les continuations du touareg en songhay

Emilio BONVINI: A propos et en marge de « Greater Chadic » – le cas du voltaïque

H. Ekkehard WOLFF: Proto-Chadic determiners and nominal plurals in Hausa

Nina PAWLAK: Particles in Chadic – retentions and innovations in marking grammatical functions

Andrew HARUNA: On the glottalic consonants in Chadic

Zygmunt FRAJZYNGIER: Two complementizers in Lele

Henry TOURNEUX: Le système aspectuel des langues dites « kotoko »

Alhaji Maina GIMBA: Pluractionals in Bole

Mairo KIDDA-AWAK: Floating tones in Tangale

Daniel BARRETEAU: Vowel and tonal variations within the consonantal framework of the verbal stem in Central Chadic languages

Véronique DE COLOMBEL: Noms de plantes – classification, reconstruction et histoire à partir des noms de six cents plantes en dix langues tchadiques des monts du Mandara

Sergio BALDI: On Arabic loans in Hausa and Kanuri

Al-Amin ABU-MANGA: Behaviour of the Sudanese Arabic verbal stems in Sudanese Hausa

Philip J. JAGGAR / Muhammed M. MUNKAILA: Evidence against the proposal that the Hausa pre-datival final -r verb = the “Grade 5” final -r/-s verb (and an alternative analysis)

Shuji MATSUSHITA: /aC/ as a focus marker in Sokoto Hausa (Sakkwatancii)

Joseph A. McINTYRE: Transitive verbs in Hausa – nominalisation strategies and time-stability

Abdulhamid ABUBAKAR: A further look at Hausa plurals

Bello S.Y. AL-HASSAN: CVC reduplication and the phonology and semantics of intensives in Hausa with implications for Chadic

Stanislaw PILASZEWICZ: Some remarks on state and royal titles – a neglected aspect of the Hausa lexicography

Jonas YEBOA-DANKWA: Akan and Hausa – development, relationship, educational, literary and social use

Ibrahim Maina WAZIRI: “Loan words” and “multidictional” words as important linguistic and historical evidence for the Nilo-Saharan (Kanuri) and Afroasiatic/Chadic (Bole of Pikka) language interaction

Abubakar GARBA: The language shift of the Bolewa from the centre of Bornu to the periphery

Conrad M.B. BRANN: Urban linguistics in Nigeria – the example of “Language Use in Maiduguri Metropolitan – LUMM”

Ibrahim Yaro YAHAYA: Trends in the development of Hause drama

Abba RUFA’I: Hausa language studies and the German nation – an outline for further research


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