Nominal Classification in African Languages

ISBN 978-3-89645-014-2

Nominal Classification in African Languages

Edited by: Antje Meißner, Anne Storch. With a preface by: Antje Meißner, Anne Storch. With contributions by: Rose-Juliet Anyanwu, Sergio Baldi, Roger M. Blench, Michael J.C. Echeruo, Herrmann Jungraithmayr, Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer, Yao Koffi, Jouni Filip Maho, Antje Meißner, Michael Noonan, Anne Storch, Gábor Takács, Ulrike Zoch.

Series: FAB Frankfurt African Studies Bulletin Year 2000, Volume 12

165 pp.
2 maps, 3 graphs, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
280 g
€ 39.80

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Antje Meißner / Anne Storch: Preface of the Editors

Roger Blench: Transitions in Izere nominal morphology and implications for the analysis of Plateau languages

Herrmann Jungraithmayr: Zum Genus im Tschadischen

Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer: The noun classification of Cala (Bogon) – A case of contact-induced change

Antje Meißner: Some remarks on the morphology of Maa animal names

Anne Storch / Yao Koffi: Noun classes and consonant alternation in Akebu

Ulrike Zoch: Genus im Hausa von Kumasi (Ghana)


Herrmann Jungraithmayr / Gábor Takács: Altägyptisch zwr (swr) gleich berbero-tschadischem *sw-?

Gábor Takács: Tangale-Etymologien I

Book Reviews · Compte-rendus de publications

Michael J.C. Echeruo: Igbo-English dictionary – A comprehensive dictionary of the Igbo language, with an English-Igbo index
(Rose-Juliet Anyanwu)

Jouni F. Maho: A comparative study of Bantu noun classes
(Peter Gottschligg)

Jouni F. Maho: Few people, many tongues – The languages of Namibia
(Sabine Hoeth)

Sergio Baldi: A first ethnolinguistic comparison of Arabic loanwords common to Hausa and Swahili
(Rudolf Leger)

Michael Noonan: A grammar of Lango
(Vladimir Morozov)

Rose-Juliet Anyanwu: Aspects of Igbo grammar – Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology and the Tonology of Nouns
(Henning Schreiber)


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