Nilo-Saharan – Models and Descriptions

Nilo-Saharan – Models and Descriptions

ISBN 978-3-89645-665-6

Nilo-Saharan – Models and Descriptions

Edited by: Angelika Mietzner, Anne Storch. With contributions by: Colleen Ahland, Adelino Amargira, Gregory D.S. Anderson, Pascal Boyeldieu, Nate D. Bremer, Stefan Bruckhaus, Richard Griscom, Prisca Jerono, Andreas Joswig, Don Killian, Chelimo Andrew Kiprop, Diane Lesley-Neuman, Angelika Mietzner, Moges Yigezu, Susanne Neudorf, Russell Norton, Jane Akinyi Ngala Oduor, Manuel A. Otero, Doris L. Payne, Martin Phodunze, Terrill Schrock, Helga Schröder, Anne Storch, Christine Waag. Series edited by: Norbert Cyffer, Osamu Hieda, Angelika Mietzner, Doris L. Payne, Anne Storch.

Series: NISA Nilo-Saharan – Studies in Language and Context Volume 28

401 pp.
8 colour maps, 2 colour figures, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English
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Nilo-Saharan studies are one of the most vibrant and innovative fields in African linguistics. Besides representing a large number of language groupings, individual linguistic codes, and ways of speaking, Nilo-Saharan as a phylum extends over a huge geographical area, roughly from Nigeria in the West to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania in the East. This volume aims at illustrating the current approaches to modelling language change and the description of phonological, morphological and syntactic struc­tures, as well as sociolinguistic and pragmatic features of these languages. The present volume is the outcome of the 11th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium, which took place in May 22nd-24th, 2013 at the University of Cologne.



Adelino Amargira: Number and case inflection in Tennet noun and adjective

Pascal Boyeldieu: Case alignment(s) in Sinyar

Prisca Jerono: Case marking in Tugen

Terrill Schrock: Case as meta-categorical heuristic in Ik grammaticography

Colleen Ahland: Classifier, reflexive, and beyond – a synchronic and diachronic exploration of the mor­pheme /tsa/ ‘body’ in Gumuz

Stefan Bruckhaus: Locational nouns in Datooga

Susanne Neudorf: The use of body part lexemes in Berta

Russell Norton: The Ama dual suffix – an internal reconstruction

Manuel A. Otero: Dual number in Ethiopian Komo

Christine Waag / Martin Phodunze: The pronominal system of Baka

Gregory D.S. Anderson: Stamp morphs in Central Sudanic languages

Andreas Joswig: Syntactic sensitivity and preferred clause structure in Majang

Don Killian: Complex verbal predicates in Uduk

Angelika Mietzner: The philosophy of walking – motion and the verbs of walking in Cherang’any (Kalenjin)

Doris L. Payne: Perspectives on Nilotic verb composition – why can’t we agree on the Maa verb?

Helga Schröder: Mixed pivot constraints in Toposa clause chaining

Chelimo Andrew Kiprop: Tone and tongue root as ventive morphemes in Endo-Marakwet

Jane Akinyi Ngala Oduor: The relationship between syllable weight and stress in Dholuo

Diane Lesley-Neuman: Eastern Nilotic vowel harmony and optimality theory – what can the optimal system look like?

Nate D. Bremer: Berta and the East Jebel subfamily – reinvestigating a Nilo-Saharan isolate

Richard Griscom: The diachronic developments of KI Constructions in the Luo and Koman families

Anne Storch: Linguistic etiquette in a frontier situation – a case study from Chopi

Moges Yigezu: Is Aroid Nilo-Saharan or Afro-Asiatic? Some evidences from phonological, lexical and morphological reconstructions


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