The Tarok Language

The Tarok Language

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ISBN 978-3-89645-781-3

The Tarok Language

Its Basic Principles and Grammar

Author: Selbut Longtau. Series edited by: Roger M. Blench.

Series: KWEF Kay Williamson Educational Foundation – Languages Monographs: Local Series Volume 1

17 pp. Roman, 241 pp.
2 maps, 1 graph, numerous tables and charts
Text language(s): English
Format: 135 x 208 mm
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The Tarok people are found mainly in Langtang-North, Langtang-South, Wase, Mikang and Kanke Local Gov­ernment Areas (LGAs) of Plateau State in central Nigeria. Their main town of Langtang is located about 180 kilometres southeast of Jos, the state capital. They are found in large numbers in Shendam, Mikang, Qua'an-Pan, Kanam, Kanke and Pankshin LGAs. Tarok farming communities are also scattered in Nasarawa and Taraba states. The Tarok call themselves o'Tárók, their language iTárók (Benue-Congo language familiy) and their land ìTàrok. The focus of this book is a description of their language.


I find your work very interesting. I have not been aware that serial verb construction is so elaborate in the Plateau area. (Prof. Dr. Ludwig Gerhardt, former Professor of African Linguistics, University of Hamburg, Germany)

You have a wealth of material and cover a lot of ground. As far as an audience is concern, university level students, especially those studying linguistics or Nigerian languages, or general readers who have some knowledge of grammar, would read it. I am interested that you set different ways of classifying verbs. I find the semantic classification very interesting, and proposed one of my NT Greek prepositions, but the syntactic and morphological classifications and descriptions are essential as well. You have plenty of illustrative materials/examples which is always good. It would be interesting to have the opportunity of going over some of the material in greater depth with you. There was so very much about Tarok that I didn't discover. (Mrs. Pam Bendor-Samuel, Translational Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators, United Kingdom)

In my assessment, this work is such an outstanding contribution to the fast-growing corpus of the Tarok language and cultural writing that I regard this book as the millennial gift to the Tarok people in particular and Plateau State in general by Rev. Longtau. That is why I strongly recommend the usage of this publication at all levels of education and strata of society. (Dr. Isaac B. Lar, English Department, University of Jos, Nigeria)

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