L’océan des pleurs

L’océan des pleurs

L’océan des pleurs

Poème berbère de Muhammad al-Awzali

Transcribed by: Bruno Hugo Stricker. Author: Muhammad Al-Awzali. Translated by: Bruno Hugo Stricker. Edited by: Bruno Hugo Stricker.

Series: Publications of the “De Goeje Fund” — Publications de la «Fondation De Goeje» Volume 19

14 pp. Roman, 127 pp.
Leiden: Brill
Text language(s): French
Format: 155 x 240 mm
290 g
€ 34.80

Pages 1 bis 74: Transcription of the original text of 1714 in Tashelhiyt Berber with 656 footnotes by the editor.

Pages 75 bis 127: Translation into French by the editor.

An analysis of the poem and an English translation has been published as another volume of this series:

Accompanying material:

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