Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad Region

Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad Region

Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad Region

Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad Region

ISBN 978-3-927620-23-0

Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad Region

Edited by: Jonathan Owens. With an introduction by: Jonathan Owens. With contributions by: Ulrich Braukämper †, Alan S. Kaye †, Jonathan Owens, Mauro Tosco, Jean-Claude Zeltner.

Series: SUGIA Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika, Volume 14

310 pp.
6 maps, numerous tables
Text language(s): English, French
€ 69.80

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Jonathan Owens: Introduction

Ulrich Braukämper: Notes on the Origin of Baggara Arab Culture with Special Reference to the Shuwa

Jean-Claude Zeltner: De la Tripolitaine au Tchad – les Awlad Sulayman. Premières migrations arabes du Fezzan au Kanem: une brève communication

Jonathan Owens: Nigerian Arabic in Comparative Perspective

Mauro Tosco / Jonathan Owens: Turku – A Descriptive and Comparative Study

Alan S. Kaye / Mauro Tosco: Early East African Pidgin Arabic


Under these links you will find publications by the contributors and further studies of languages and cultures of the Lake Chad region:

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The authors of the six papers in this volume discuss the origin of Arabs and Arabic in the Lake Chad region, taking into account the historical relations between this region and the rest of the Sudanese belt, including upper Egypt, Libya, and the Sudan. There are few studies on this topic, despite the appearance of a number of publications over the last fifteen years. The contributors to the present volume, specialists in their fields, provide an updated bibliography. Moreover, the volume encompasses both historical and linguistic analyses. For all these reasons the volume is stimulating, raises many issues, and is a landmark in the field of sub-Saharan Arabic history and linguistics.

Catherine Miller in Anthropological Linguistics, 38/2, 1996, 383–386

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Pierre Larcher in Arabica, 44/2, 1997, 327-329

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