Analyse de textes san (parler de Toma)

ISBN 978-3-89645-074-6

Analyse de textes san (parler de Toma)

Aperçu des traits caractéristiques du genre narratif d’une langue mandé du Burkina Faso

Author: Kathryn Woodham. Series edited by: Raimund Kastenholz.

Series: MaLL Mande Languages and Linguistics / Langues et Linguistique Mandé Volume 5

151 pp.
3 graphs, numerous tables and charts appendix: original text with interlinear and French translation
Text language(s): French
Format: 160 x 240 mm
260 g
€ 29.80

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San (Samo) is a language spoken in Burkina Faso. It belongs to the Volta-Niger branch of Eastern Mande. This study of San narrative texts draws on the text analysis framework developed by Dooley and Levinsohn. It includes sections on participant reference, reported speech, information foregrounding and backgrounding, and word order variation and its implications.

The analysis is supported throughout by a large number of interlinearised examples. This book will be of particular interest to researchers working on other Mande languages and to those engaged in cross-language study of particular discourse features.

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