LCA Language Contact in Africa

ISSN 2700-2608

Series founded by: Hans-Jürgen Sasse †, Rainer Voßen. Series edited by: Klaus Beyer, Henning Schreiber.

Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, University of Hamburg, Germany

Language Contact in Africa is a forum for the analysis and documentation of situations of language contact in Africa. The series includes diachronic as well as synchronic descriptions. Its main focus is on studies discussing the consequences of language contact, like code switching and code mixing, language shift, language loss and death of language, pidginisation and creolisation, etc.

Hereby, the works either concentrate on a linguistic-structural or a sociolinguistic aspect. The series will appear at irregular intervals and comprises both monographs and collections of papers.

The manuscripts of this series are double peer-reviewed.

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