Regional Integration in Africa

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Regional Integration in Africa

34th Annual Conference of the African Law Association, Giessen, Germany, 7th–9th November 2008

Edited by: Thilo Marauhn, Oliver Meinecke. With contributions by: Irene Ngum Asanga, Helmut Asche, Jonne Brücher, Volker Lohse †, Thilo Marauhn, Oliver Meinecke, Faustin Z. Ntoubandi, Oliver C. Ruppel.

Series: RiA Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique Year 2009, Issue 2

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The contributions to this special issue of the journal “Law in Africa” were presented at the international conference on Regional Integration in Africa held at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany, from 7–9 November 2008 with the cooperation of the Franz von Liszt Institute for International and Comparative Law. The conference started with two introductory presentations and a panel discussion assessing regional solutions for domestic problems in Africa from a legal perspective, an economic and a political point of view, drawing on experiences from development cooperation. The second day dealt with “Regional Security and Integration” and “Legal Integration” whilst the third day concluded with questions on “Integration and Human Rights”.


Preface and Acknowledgements

Volker Lohse: Regional Integration in Africa – Welcome

Irene Ngum Asanga: OHADA’s Contribution to the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa

Helmut Asche / Jonne Brücher: Myth and Reality of African Regional Integration

Thilo Marauhn: Re-considering Regional Integration in Africa

Faustin Z. Ntoubandi: The African Court of Justice and Human Rights

Oliver C. Ruppel: The SADC Tribunal, Regional Integration and Human Rights – Major Challenges, Legal Dimensions and Some Comparative Aspects from the European Legal Order

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