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Erlebnisse eines Europäers am Baringo-See in Kenya

Author: Rolf Gloor.

104 pp.
15 b/w photos
Text language(s): German
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The present report deals with the author’s experiences with the Il Chamus who live in the Baringo district in Northern Kenya. Since his first encounter with them in 1976 he has been fascinated by this people. Enquiries in relevant literature and in the National Museum in Nairobi revealed nothing but a short note: Small tribe at the southern end of Lake Baringo; traditionalists mainly making their living by fishing.

Further travels in this region as well as a field trip in 1984 made the author decide to do research on the history and the culture of Il Chamus, but most importantly on the lives of its people. Yet it became more than that: The author has found a second home with his African friends at Lake Baringo.

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