Iwalewa Forum

ISBN 978-3-89645-243-6

Iwalewa Forum

Arbeitspapiere zur Kunst und Kultur Afrikas

Author: Larissa Förster, Joost Smiers.

Series: Iwalewa Forum Working Papers in African Art and Culture Year 1999, Issue 3

59 pp.
2 illustrations
Text language(s): English, German
Format: 210 x 275 mm
230 g
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Joost Smiers:
Copyrights. A Choice of no Choice for Artists and Third World Countries

In his article the author analyses the situation of artists and third world countries with regard to the protection of their rights of intellectual property and the income from marketing this property. Although these questions should have been answered by the international agreement on copyrights, the aggressive practices of multinational media companies endanger the artists as well as the cultural life of these countries.

Larissa Förster:
Ethnographisches Objekt versus Kunstobjekt

European museums have exhibited artwork from non-European cultures for over 100 years. Debate continues to exist, however, about whether or not the objects from the cultures in question should be on display as universally accepted works of art, or as examples of a specific cultural practice.

Using three exemplary exhibitions as models, Larissa Förster discusses new ways and possibilities of presenting art from non-western cultures in temporary exhibitions developed during the last decade.

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