Hundert Jahre „Die Traumdeutung”

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ISBN 978-3-89645-214-6

Hundert Jahre „Die Traumdeutung”

Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven in der Traumforschung

Edited by: Burkhard Schnepel. With contributions by: Brigitte Boothe, Vincent Crapanzano, Christian F. Feest, Karl-Heinz Kohl, Tullio Maranhao, Axel Michaels, Gerhard Neumann, Peter Probst, Hans-Walter Schmidt-Hannisa, Burkhard Schnepel, Klaus Speckenbach, Bernhard Streck. Series edited by: Beatrix Heintze, Karl-Heinz Kohl.

Series: SzK Studien zur Kulturkunde Volume 119

263 pp.
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Text language(s): English, German
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Sigmund Freud’s Die Traumdeutung was written in 1900. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this occasion, the authors gathered in the present volume investigated the state of the art of dream study from a decidedly cultural study point of view. Bearing this in mind, the reader should be aware of a possible misunderstanding in this context. In the modern western, “post-freudian” perspective dreams are usually regarded as the private and internal experiences of an individual without any objective reality. They are caused by the body or the psyche of the dreamer and are of relevance with regard of the individual and its past experiences.

Members of non-western or past cultures which are the focus of this book regard dreams as important messages, sent by external supernatural forces. These messages can foretell the future and are able to determine, for good or bad, the life of the dreamer, his family, his clan or even his nation. The following papers discuss in detail the possible consequences of such alternitive views on dreaming.


Burkhard Schnepel:
Einleitung – Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven in der Traumforschung

Brigitte Boothe:
Traumkommunikation – Vom Ephemeren zur Motivierung

Tullio Maranhão:
The Dream Outside the Dreamer – Freud Turned on his Head in the Amazon Forest

Klaus Speckenbach:
Flugträume im Mittelalter

Hans-Walter Schmidt-Hannisa:
„Der Träumer vollendet sich im Dichter" – Die ästhetische Emanzipation der Traumaufzeichnung

Gerhard Neumann:
„Mir träumte, ich erwachte ...“ – Zur Funktion des Traums als Abfederungs-Ritual in der Kultur

Christian F. Feest:
Dream(s) of One of Twins – On Kwakiutl Dream Culture

Karl-Heinz Kohl:
Traum und Divination in Ostflores

Bernhard Streck:
Schatten und Traum bei den Ingessana im Sudan

Peter Probst:
Traumwerk, Bildwerk, Kunstwerk – Visualität und ästhetische Praxis in Oshogbo, Nigeria

Burkhard Schnepel:
Die Politik der Träume – Somnambule Wege zur Macht in Ostindien

Axel Michaels:
Träumen wir oder sind wir Geträumte? Zur Heilsbedeutung des Tiefschlafs in Indien

Vincent Crapanzano:
The Betwixt and Between of the Dream

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