ISBN 978-3-89645-240-5


Marcia Kure 1998

Author: Norbert Aas. Edited by: Claudia Savelsberg, Christine Scherer.

Series: Iwalewa Forum Working Papers in African Art and Culture Year 1998, Issue 1

48 pp.
1 b/w photo, 4 4-coloured reproductions and 17 b/w reproductions of oil paintings, aquarelles, pencil-, ink-, and charcoal-drawings, biography of the artist M. Kure
Text language(s): German
Format: 210 x 275 mm
190 g
€ 29.80

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The diversity in African Art is greater than it is generally perceived in the Western World. The first issue is therefore dedicated to a young female artist, Marcia Kure, whose work shows this in an extraordinary way. She remains dedicated to the Nsukka School, named after the University of Nigeria at Nsukka in Eastern Nigeria, and which is well-known worldwide.

Nevertheless Marcia Kure realises in her work her own images of what African art may be today. She is preoccupied with the art of old Egypt as well as with the rock paintings of Southern Africa. The art of the continent speaks of a common heritage; upon which an African artist is able to perform his own work. Local cultures remain present and are at the same time transgressed to outline this common image of Africa.

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