Studies in Language and Context


ISSN 0932-1993

Series edited by: Angelika Mietzner, Alice Mitchell, Anne Storch. Series edited in collaboration with: Norbert Cyffer, Jane Akinyi Ngala Oduor, Doris L. Payne.

Nilo-Saharan refers to a complex family of languages and its (unresolved) classification history. The series was established in 1987 by Franz Rottland and M. Lionel Bender and has since its beginnings been an eminent publication venue for grammars, dictionaries and comparative studies on languages of all branches and groupings of Nilo-Saharan. It also hosts the conference volumes of the Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium. Furthermore, the series is open for sociolinguistic studies, work on pragmatics and anthropological linguistics as well as alternative and experimental approaches to Nilo-Saharan languages. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed.

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