Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique

ISBN 978-3-89645-800-1

Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique

With contributions by: Mario G. Antoniou, Jean-Marie Breton, Kaniye S.A. Ebeku, Chairman Ihua-Maduenyi, Roger Nevry, Justice Chimugwuanya Nwobike, Ulrich Spellenberg, Hans-Werner Wabnitz, Ritchard Aduche Wokocha.

Series: Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique Year 2007, Issue 1

4 pp. Roman, 174 pp.
Text language(s): English, French, German
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Inhaltsverzeichnis · Table of contents · Table de matières

Jean-Marie Breton:
Le statut et la perception de juge de l’administration dans les Etats d’Afrique Noire francophone

Kaniye S.A. Ebeku / Chairman Ihua-Maduenyi / Mario G. Antoniou:
Due Process, Democracy and the Impeachment of Governor Alamieyesiegha of Bayelsa State – A Critique

Roger Nevry:
La garantie autonome à première demande – droit OHADA, droit français

Justice Chimugwuanya Nwobike / Ritchard Aduche Wokocha:
Privileging Investor Rights over Public Interest in Investment Agreements – The Human Rights Implications of the Chad/Cameroon Conventions of Establishment

Ulrich Spellenberg:
Das Personalstatut im kamerunischen Kollisionsrecht

Hans-Werner Wabnitz:
The Code Pastoral of the Islamic republic of Mauretania. Return to the Sources – Revival of Traditional Nomads’ Rights to Common Property Resources

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