Transformation of Social and Economic Relationships in Northern Pakistan

ISBN 978-3-89645-155-2

Transformation of Social and Economic Relationships in Northern Pakistan

Edited by: Irmtraud Stellrecht, Hans-Georg Bohle. With contributions by: Hans-Georg Bohle, Christoph Dittrich, Benno Pilardeaux, Irmtraud Stellrecht, Martin Sökefeld. Series edited by: Irmtraud Stellrecht.

Series: Culture Area Karakorum Volume 5

10 pp. Roman, 429 pp.
15 b/w photos, 2 folding maps, 8 maps, 6 graphs and diagrams, numerous tables
Text language(s): English
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The central aspect of this volume is the interaction between the high-mountain region of northern Pakistan and the political and economic centres of the adjoining lowlands. The contributions by cultural anthropologists and cultural geographers describe the transformation of this interrelation between highlands and lowlands that has been taking place since the 19th century. Moreover, the innovations and the process of change arising from new forms of communication and transport introduced by the opening of the Karakorum Highway are studied from the current as well as the historical perspective.


Irmtraud Stellrecht:
Trade and Politics – The High-Mountain Region of Pakistan in the 19th and 20th Century

Martin Sökefeld:
“The People Who Really Belong to Gilgit“ – Theoretical and Ethnographical Perspectives on Identity and Conflict

Hans-Georg Bohle:
Introductory Remarks – People at Risk: Geographical Contributions on Agrarian Change and Vulnerability in the Karakorum

Christoph Dittrich:
High-Mountain Food Systems in Transition – Food Security, Social Vulnerability and Development in Northern Pakistan

Benno Pilardeaux:
Surviving as a Mountain Peasant – Innovation, Development and the Dynamics of Global Change in a High-Mountain Region (Punial/Northern Pakistan)

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