Topics in Chadic Linguistics X

ISBN 978-3-89645-530-7
In Memoriam Russell G. Schuh

Topics in Chadic Linguistics X

Papers from the 9th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, Villejuif, September 7-8, 2017

Edited by: Henry Tourneux, Yvonne Treis. With contributions by: Umma Aliyu Musa, Sergio Baldi, Gian Claudio Batic, Roger M. Blench, Philippe Cassuto †, Emma Kuipers, Rudolf Leger, Joseph Lovestrand, Joseph A. McIntyre, Esther Morgenthal, Paul Newman, Nina Pawlak, Victor Porkhomovsky, James S. Roberts, Henning Schreiber, Albert Camus Soulokadi, Olga Stolbova, Henry Tourneux, Melanie Viljoen. Series edited by: Dymitr Ibriszimow, Henry Tourneux, H. Ekkehard Wolff.

Series: Chadic Linguistics · Linguistique Tchadique · Tschadistik Volume 11

274 pp.
3 colour maps, 6 colour photos, 7 colour facsimile reproductions, 2 b/w facsimile reproductions, 2 spectrograms, 1 tree model, 2 figures, numerous tables and charts
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Avant-propos / Foreword / Vorwort

Paul Newman:
Russell G. Schuh – An overview of his Chadic scholarship

Umma Aliyu Musa / Esther Morgenthal / Henning Schreiber:
Less commonly documented literacy practices – Secular Hausa Ajami as situated social literacy

Sergio Baldi / Rudolf Leger:
Animal names in Hausa and Kupto – Their specific characteristics mirrored in proverbs, epithets and sayings

Gian Claudio Batic:
Verb classes and TAM system in Kushi (Nigeria)

Roger Blench:
Current research on the A3 West Chadic languages

Philippe Cassuto / Victor Porkhomovsky:
Les stratégies de traduction de l’Ancien Testament dans les trois versions haoussa de la Bible – Un problème d’interprétation ?

Emma Kuipers:
Verb classification in Mogum (Eastern Chadic)

Joseph Lovestrand:
Ideophones in Barayin

Joseph McIntyre:
Patterns of organisation in the Hausa grade system

Nina Pawlak / Joseph McIntyre:
Semantic and pragmatic motivations of gender assignment in Hausa

James Roberts / Albert Camus Soulokadi:
On ideophones in Musey

Olga Stolbova:
Lexical links between Chadic, Cushitic and Omotic languages

Henry Tourneux:
Le syntagme nominal dans le parler « kotoko » de Kousseri

Melanie Viljoen:
Gavar verb morphology


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