Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique

ISBN 978-3-89645-344-0

Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique

With contributions by: Leonard Obura Aloo, Katharina Buschbeck, Kaniye S.A. Ebeku, Birgit Embaló, Idrissa Embaló, Georg Klute, Ovunda V.C. Okene, Ola Olatawura, Harald Sippel.

Series: RiA Recht in Afrika · Law in Africa · Droit en Afrique Year 2006, Issue 2

4 pp. Roman, 133 pp.
Text language(s): English, German
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Table of contents · Table de matières

Leonard Obura Aloo: GATS Commitments and their Influence on the Liberalisation of Telecommunications Services in Kenya – A Brief Examination

Kaniye S.A. Ebeku: Considering the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

O.V.C. Okene: Entrenching Industrial Democracy Law in Nigeria – Lessons from Germany

Ola Olatawura: Terrorism, Economic, and Financial Crimes – A Domestic and International Law Analysis of Nigerian Law

Reports · Rapports

Georg Klute / Birgit Embaló / Idrissa Embaló: Local Strategies of Conflict Resolution in Guinea-Bissau – A Project Proposal in Legal Anthropology

Book Reviews · Compte-rendus de publications

Rita Schäfer: Im Schatten der Apartheid – Frauenrechtsorganisationen und geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt in Südafrika. Münster 2005 (Katharina Buschbeck, Köln)

Katja Böhler: Die Landfrage in Simbabwe. Eine zeitgeschichtlich-juristische Untersuchung. Köln 2006 (Harald Sippel, Bayreuth)

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