Converbs, Medial Verbs, Clause Chaining and Related Issues

ISBN 978-3-89645-719-6

Converbs, Medial Verbs, Clause Chaining and Related Issues

Edited by: Sascha Völlmin, Azeb Amha, Christian J. Rapold, Silvia Zaugg-Coretti. With contributions by: Azeb Amha, Giorgio Banti, Isabelle Bril, Christian J. Rapold, Chris H. Reintges, Aone van Engelenhoven, Sascha Völlmin, Andreas Wetter, Silvia Zaugg-Coretti.

Series: Frankfurt African Studies Bulletin Year 2007, Volume 19

243 pp.
numerous tables and charts, paperback
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
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Editors’ note

Christian J. Rapold:
Defining converbs ten years on – a hitchhikers’ guide

Giorgio Banti:
Remarks on the typology of converbs and their functional equivalents in East Cushitic

Sascha Völlmin:
The so-called converbs in Gumer (Gurage)

Andreas Wetter:
Converbs in Argobba

Azeb Amha:
The converb in Wolaitta – form and functions

Silvia Zaugg-Coretti:
Switch-reference in Yemsa (Omotic, Ethiopia)

Chris H. Reintges:
A descriptive analysis of the Coptic conjunctive conjugation

Aone van Engelenhoven:
Verb serialization in Fataluku – the case of ‘take’

Isabelle Bril:
Coordination, information hierarchy and subordination in some Austronesian languages


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