Wörterbuch Swahili-Deutsch

ISBN 978-3-89645-340-2

Wörterbuch Swahili-Deutsch

Author: Irmtraud Herms, Hildegard Höftmann †.

408 pp.
3 tables
Text language(s): German, Swahili
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Swahili is one of very few languages in Africa which has propagated itself extraordinary beyond its origin area - the East African coast region and its up-country. It is spoken as native and second language by more than 50 million people, and it is the official/national language in Tanzania and Kenia. In the neighbouring countries Swahili has grown into a supranational lingua franca. The basic word inventory in the present dictionary is founded on the Wörterbuch Swahili-Deutsch published 1989. Aim of the revised edition is to extend/improve/broaden the lexis and its use in phrases and idioms. Changes in usage or even loss of some lexemes are also taken into account. This dictionary is enlarged by about 2,000 new entries and about 3,000 supplementary phrases, so that it now contains more than 20,000 keywords and phrases. Source materials for this lexis extension were new dictionaries, word lists, material from Swahili institutions, and modern Swahili texts (belleslettres, school material, newspapers, magazines). Spoken language in radio programme in Tanzania was also considered. Derivations from basic words and their special meanings appear as additional keywords in this dictionary to facilitate the finding of the lexemes. Words which are mainly used in their plural forms are entered as extra headwords in this form, too. The book is concluded with paradigms of personal pronouns and possessiv stems, and a concordance table of the nominal and pronominal prefixes.

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