Tigrinische Bibliographie

ISBN 978-3-89645-688-5

Tigrinische Bibliographie

Author: Rainer Voigt. Series edited by: Rainer Voigt, Hatem Elliesie.

Series: SHA Studien zum Horn von Afrika Volume 8

20 pp. Roman, 566 pp.
24 facsimile reproductions of several publications, of which 16 ones are in colours
Text language(s): German
Format: 170 x 240 mm
1210 g
€ 89.80

Tigrinya belongs to the Ethio-semitic languages and is spoken by about 9 Mill. people worldwide. Approx. 6.1 Mill. of them live in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopa, and about 2.5 Mill. in the neighbouring country Eritrea.

The present bibliography comprises more than 7,200 entries, most oft them are annotated by the author. The first part offers relevant literature about Tigrinya, the second part literature written in Tigrinya. In the third part 24 selected bookcovers are reproduced in facsimiles, of 16 are printed in colour.

The following publications of our programme feature the verbal system of Tigrinya and the codeswitching from Tigrinya to English or Amharic:

Accompanying material:

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