English-Ju|’hoan – Ju|’hoan-English Dictionary

English-Ju|’hoan – Ju|’hoan-English Dictionary

(out of print)
ISBN 978-3-89645-868-1

English-Ju|’hoan – Ju|’hoan-English Dictionary

Author: Patrick J. Dickens †. Series edited by: Rainer Voßen.

Series: Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 8

371 pp.
2nd edition
appendix: botanical and ornithological index, personal and place names, list of tone-marked words, table of irregular verbs
Text language(s): English
Format: 160 x 240 mm
640 g
€ 59.80

This book is the most comprehensive bilingual dictionary of a Northern Khoisan language. It contains more than 3,400 Ju|’hoan entries which are written in a practical orthography. The six-part appendix gives indexes of plant- and birdnames, of personal and place names, as well as lists of obligatorily tone-marked words and irregular Ju|’hoan verbs.

Following the links below, you will find a concise grammar of Ju|’hoan by Patrick J. Dickens (1953–1992), posthumously published by us, as well as an obituary paper collection in honour of the author:

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